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A place to experiment, build together, and transform ideas into companies. Located in the heart of Kendall Square Cambridge.

Membership Benefits

As residents at the Cambridge Innovation Center, Green Light Labs members have access to all the goodies in the heart of Kendall Square. Want to impress a client? Book a swanky conference room overlooking the city. Hungry? There's plenty of organic junk food and ice creams to eat (we're a fan of the unlimited supply of M&M's restocked every morning by the candy fairy!) Need to refresh yourself at 2am or after biking to work? Take a warm shower!

Of course, there are all the important requirements of a work space: desks, aeron chairs, printers, copiers, faxes, private phone booths, meeting rooms, rock-solid internet, and, most importantly, the bunk bed "nap area".

Green Light Labs members also have access to the "hardware room" with a 3D printer and miscellaneous equipment to play with, as well as insurance for parties, events, and classes.

But we'd say the most important benefit is the people you meet! In the end, it's all about the community. Members-only events to brainstorm, hack, and network.

Projects & People

Nick Tommarello Nick Plante Michael Norman Dan Sullivan Steve Trevathan Scott Segel

Social Computing

Wefunder is a crowd investing platform for startups. Anyone can purchase as little as $100 of stock in new companies... as soon as the SEC completes the policy-making. View project

Appswell's crowdsourcing platform powers actionable conversations between brands and their fans, creating advocacy and viral buzz from the most loyal users. View project

Tangible Design

Gotham Bicycle Defense makes city cycling safer. Gotham's The Defender is a theft-resistant bike light that locks onto your handlebars making it next-to-impossible to remove. View project

UrbanHero's Superlegs turn concrete sidewalks into city ski-area trails. Grass-covered campuses become playgrounds for superhuman athletes. View project

Education Technology

StudyEgg makes studying easier, less stressful, and more effective - by taking advantage of proven memory techniques, such as spaced repetition and active recall testing, to help you perform 3x better than traditional study methods (reading and rereading texts). What’s more, you will remember those facts 8 times longer. Pretty great, huh? We think so! View project

Digital Interactive blends video chat with board games to create a unique social experience. It's Skype meets Yahoo! Games, rolled into a friendly interface and with a focus on thoughtful board games. View project

Cognitive Physics

Cognitive extraction from acoustics of speech, voice, and music. Product development in children and adult speech analytics, as well as acoustics for STEM education. Research in children's speech development in collaboration with MIT RLE Speech Communications Group. View project

User Engagement

Incrwd allows websites to leverage special offers from advertising clients to significantly increase user activity. We do this with a powerful engagement platform that rewards users for their positive contributions. View project

  • Nick Tommarello

    Founder of Wefunder, Escapist, and Startup Workaway. Reformed MBA that eventually picked up some coding skills.

  • Sherry Y. Zhao, Ph.D.

    Research scientist and entrepreneur in speech acoustics and technologies. Working to make science cool.

  • Bill Warner

    Serial entrepreneur and angel investor. Founded Avid and Wildfire. Working to supercharge Mass tech scene.

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